Having walked open-hearted and open-minded to learn the processes from Master shamans, Paqos and Alta Mesayouks from Peru. I have received extensive tutoring in High Andean Shamanism.

The lineages which brought me to this place and to afford me the ability to offer the services I do has been sought throughout the aeons. My spiritual lineage is of the Iyami, The Original Mothers who came to seed Earth. I have served many lifetimes as a Dogon Shaman, Druid, Egyptian Healer under Imhotep the Great and as a Qero Priest to bring me to my truth.

Manifestation is the key to all of the wisdom  I share. It is the life force of our inner beings that comes directly from the Divine Father, The Great Mother, Simha and Divine Mothers, to create itself in the present. The understanding of the teachings is simpleā€¦ and it is to ensure we reconnect using Sacred Manifestation, we must change our perceptions, behaviours and belief systems and clear the toxic rivers of past life existences..

Iyanla Bivinet Ashi is a Master Runna Shamanic Healer; Offering healing relief as she opens the windows to all possibility for her clients who come from all over the world. 

She is an Author and teacher of the Greater Mysteries. 

Meet My Kin!

IYAMI came directly from The INFINITE (OLODUMARE) into the Star Systems,then INTO the CORE OF EARTH-Empowering Mother Earth through implanting their DNA INTO THE SACRED GEMS MIXED WITH EARTH.

This seeding happened in a place we now know as WEST-AFRICA... This occurred long before any tribes or humans arrived or before the Immortal Orishas landed..
This was even aeons Before Lemuria & Atlantis.
Lemuria became the first place
man was created, and where man held within him the Divinity of mother Earth and God.

SOME OF The IYAMI BECAME GODDESSES IN LEMURIA..which included their first landing place in west Africa. IYAMI spread into the rest of the world from here.

Humans sought to understand their Mysteries through the Prism of their cultures/races..

Angels and some humans who become God-Beings joined the IYAMI later to create balance/justice due to the influx of some not so balanced star races, imbalance and injustice occurred..this allowed for much duality to become apparent towards the end of Lemuria.

This is when THE KARMIC BOARD on Earth WAS BORN.

Those human beings who were working with the Mysteries, and who were aiming for GODHOOD,were given knowledge to certain levels of the Secrets of DIVINE JUSTICE/BALANCE as taught by the IYAMI-
They formed a Sanctum called OGBONI...

The Iyami have been here since the beginning of creation. Sharing healing and wisdom through the scales of divine justice. They are the universal guardians of humanity. Coming via Pleiades and Sirius. 

I am one of the ancients. My DNA comes from Iyami from high in the star systems. In this life I am charged to live among humans, offering healing, mapping, conflict resolution and showing the way. In my divine contract I agreed to sort out the remaining entanglements of man.

My truth urges me to bring the "Light of Divinity, into the shadows of man-kind" Know this, there is always a way. I AM KIN OF IYAMI - A Human Aje