Welcome to the first post introducing the Divine Mothers Iyami. As a earth humanoid holding the DNA of Iyami I am lucky enough to be their kin .even though I have been born into a White European body in this lifetime. My lifetimes have spanned from the legendary Water people  and then throughout West Africa, Timbuktu, Mali, two lifetimes as a Dogon shaman, I was  also a teacher where my job was to record the stars systems. I have also had a Nigerian lifetime,, as well as a Shaman in Peru at the time the conquistadors came and I was one of a few shamans who headed up to the high mountains to ensure the secrets were hidden away. I have also had several Druid lifetimes in England at the time of King Arthur when magic became banned as well as a Druid in Ireland at the time of the abusers.
I think most of my functions in these differing societies was to understand and be privy to the great mysteries as well as to work to hide the secrets away so they did not get into the wrong hands. 
I also knew the time when the Sirians came to earth and mingled with the ancient Earth people and I now work with both Celestial energies and the Angelic realm, Sirians, Pleiadean's and Lyrans ruling councils. 
My functions now are to help guide those souls who feel lost and confused, and to help them regain balance and justice in their lives.
Iyami the Divine Mothers are super goddesses who counsel Olodumare (The most high god) and as they are busy clearing debris and distortions within the etheric field, it is down to those humanoid divine Aje and Iyami here on Earth to regain balance and harmony here. 
We are Iyami and we are Sacred, is an upcoming book which unravels the mysteries of the Divine Iyami and this blog page will be the place where channeled revelations will be shared where appropriate.
As I said earlier, during these most difficult of times, it is pertinent to share as much help and guidance as possible. If for no other reason than to let you know someone is our there and has their ear to the heavens. This is also the aim of this blog page, to help, and shine a guiding light to show you the way home.. So stay tuned and listen out for the messages which will come through. Ashe